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We pride ourselves on the customer experience. Our customers are family.

Georgia G.

About Cryo- I did full body and targeted. This has been the best thing to help in recovery from my auto accident. It reduces inflammation helping your body heal, not just masking the pain.. but it's pretty much like icing times a million. So helpful.

Ok About Cutting Edge Cryo- you can go anywhere, why here? The staff- consistently amazing no matter who helps you. They are extremely knowledgeable, make recommendations but not in a pushy salesy way- they genuinely care, helpful, kind. The facility- gorgeous, spa-like, thoughtful considerations such as locking changing areas, privacy additions, every inch makes you feel pampered for your healing, awesome technology. It's so zen. Pricing- they have tons of package options to help save you money and also makes them more competitive than others. they have helped me SO much in my recovery by who they are and what they do. Highly recommend!!

Brittney T.

Cutting Edge Cryo is awesome! I had never tried this therapy before and after my boyfriend and I went in for a walk in we decided to try it out. We lead a healthy fit lifestyle and we're always looking for things to help us along the way.  We were welcomed warmly into a beautiful Spa like atmosphere. Payton explained the benefits of doing Cryo and walked us back to see the chamber. We changed into the provided Fuzzy robs, socks and slippers and we were ready for our first Session. Naturally being nervous and slightly skeptical we were engaged throughout the entire experience.

It's been over a month now of 3/4 sessions a week and we were hooked Day 1! Our bodies feel great and I notice an immediate change in myself when I step out of the chamber. Soreness, stiffness, inflammation, appetite, goodnight sleep. And so much more. I'm not a fan of being cold as most people might be but it is 100% bearable and only last up to 3 minutes. The owner and employees are great making you feel welcomed and I love the family like feel!

Doys K.

First timer with Cryo, glad I chose this place as the staff was very helpful and patient with my extreme ignorance on the Cryo therapy topic. many thanks!! Now the awesome part, I went in due to extreme pain in my knee (gout). After exhausting all past methods with pills and hours of icing recovery still takes few days to a week. So figured give it a shot and see if recovery would be any faster. I'd never imagined the pain to instantly disappear. Just gone, Swelling was completely gone. It's Insane how I never considered this years ago. Damn thing works. Knee pain, don't have to live with it for days any longer, 8 mins and BAM, gone. Cryo is the way to go yo!!! Definitely check this place out, it will not disappoint.

Brittany C.

I scheduled an appointment with Madie and was beyond pleased with my results. I was able to complete both the Cryoskin 2.0 and the Cryoskin treatments. I am still seeing results almost 2 weeks later in my midsection and arms. I highly recommend Cutting Edge Cryo for anyone who's interested in seeing solid results with pain from an injury, stubborn body fat, or a high level of stress.

Llana L.

What an extraordinary service we got from Chad! He explained everything very clear and made sure we were comfortable throughout the experience. My whole body was in pain after running 23 miles yesterday but after today's session I am happy to say that my back pain is basically gone and there's almost no soreness in my legs! We'll be back for sure!

Christina S.

I recently decided to purchase a CryoSkin (toning and slimming) package to see if it would help me reduce some stubborn belly fat and love handles. I completed the series this week and my results were outstanding. Loss of 1.5" at the top, 2.25" in the middle and 2"in my lower abs! The process is quick and easy and the staff here is outstanding!  I highly recommend Cutting Edge!

Kathy J.

Love this place.  Great for my aches and pains. The whole body cryo is so amazing. The toning and sliming is prefect for what I was looking for.  The employees are very helpful and very friendly. I encourage people to do this today. I also love the compression, although I think it is called something else. If you have trouble with your hips I recommend you use them to help with your achy hips. So many more things to do that I haven't tried but working my way up!

Allie S.

Visited Cutting Edge Cryo to try their Cryoskin 2.0 treatment that targets fat cells in a completely non-invasive manner, and just 24 hours post-treatment, I'm delighted! I initially messaged them on Facebook and they were very responsive and helpful right from the start. The front desk staff was welcoming and attentive, their lobby and treatment rooms are clean and modern, and Maddie, the one who did the treatment, was wonderful! We chatted throughout the treatment and I was completely comfortable and relaxed the entire time. I'm now SO excited to try their other services!


From the moment that you walk into the lobby, you know you're at a professional business.  As a Groupon member, I wanted to know what Cryotherapy is and would it work for me (I suffer from joint pain, especially the hands & wrists).  Cutting Edge Cryo is the only Cryotherapy center who can offer targeted Cryo.  Today I had a leg compression session and added on the targeted Cryo for my hands & wrists (I can already feel how well it works).  I highly recommend Cutting Edge Cryo to you.

Leslie W.

I have autoimmune disorders which cause inflammation and pain. Cryo has become my lifesaver! Less swelling in my extremities, relieves pain in my muscles and joints, and leaves me energized and ready for my next adventure. Rick & the team are SO GREAT! They make each session fun! I think anyone suffering from headaches or inflammation should give this a try. The targeted therapy has worked wonders for headaches!!

Jeff G.

Great bunch of people to work with. Very pleasant and very helpful. This place is very professional and I hope they stay in business and continue to prosper. They are very informative and no question about each process was a stupid question especially since there are many stories out there about some of these treatments.

Ryan K.

If you've been looking for some good recovery, this is the spot. The normatec helps SO much with leg soreness and DOMS I couldn't believe it. Great staff that know how to answer all of your questions and make sure you leave satisfied. Hit them up after the gym one day!

Susan H.

The employees are just AMAZING... everyone has their own way of "doing" cryo and I have to talk through it... every employee is SO friendly and done to earth and FUN!!! The facility is clean, modern, welcoming... GREAT music, all kinds of services... oxygen treatments,  cryo facials, infrared sauna, leg compression treatments (ohhhh these feel soooo good!!).... and more!! I use a subscription plan which is the way to go to save on your treatments.

John J.

I saw Cutting Edge opening next to SMG. I have been going to them since their grand opening. I called and got the pricing and came in for my first session. The staff is and always has been very helpful and customer oriented. They will tour the facility with you and explain all the services. After my session i signed up for the 5 session a month package and was a better price and not constantly looking for a Groupon. I feel best when i get 2 sessions a week in but work makes it hard. I tried the compression therapy on my legs are really like it. The legs feel great after and the best part is I just have to sit there!! They have a complimentary oxygen bar with each paid service. I have bad knees and this definitely helps with the discomfort.

Melody P.

Yesterday, I experienced my very first Cryo service and couldn't be happier with the overall visit, experience and results! Upon walking in, I instantly noticed how clean and beautifully decorated the office was. Every person on staff I encountered were all so friendly and welcoming!  Cryo 2.0 (28 minute targeted slimming procedure) was the service of choice and Kimberly was my technician- she was so awesome! Since it was my first time, Kimberly took the time to throughly explain the purpose of the service and exactly what she would be doing. She also helped me to determine a 'target area' to focus on, which was my abdomen. Madie also gave me a tour of every room throughout the office and explained the purpose and benefits of each service. Overall, I HIGHLY recommend Cutting Edge Cryo!


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