The Ballancer ® Pro is backed by years of clinical research study, peer-reviewed research studies and is made by the globe's leading producer of compression treatment systems. FDA approved as well as risk-free to utilize, it is the expert's front runner of innovation.

What is the Ballancer Pro treatment?

Throughout life and physical activity, the body must filter and recycle the lymph fluid whose work is to keep an eye on injury, swelling, as well as anything else international that must be taken care of by the body’s immune system. In some cases, because of injuries edema (or swelling) happens because the lymph pump does not have the capability to allow the lymph fluid to go through. This is where the Ballancer Pro comes to the rescue!

Because 65% of the lymphatic system resides just below the surface area of the skin the therapy varies significantly to a deep tissue massage because it is suggested to be light pressure on the skin to aid the lymph pumps to open therefore permitting the lymph fluid to pass through. After rejoining the blood, it can pass through the liver for elimination of toxins. Enhancing this system to generate fantastic results!

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The Ballancer ® Pro takes a distinct formula to weight-loss and body sculpting; it triggers the body's natural process to reduce weight and excess fluid in a simple, enjoyable treatment. The treatment helps make the body function as it should, improving blood flow as well as leave skin looking firm, toned, and fresh.

The Ballancer ® Pro works as an outside stimulant of the lymphatic system so it can start to clear the skin of waste accumulation and help the skin to become healthier, stronger, and more youthful looking. 

The simplest way to explain the therapy is to visualize 12 sets of hands sequentially providing a customized lymphatic massage at the same time.


Based upon the tried and tested concepts of hands-on lymphatic drainage the Ballancer ® Pro is one of the most precise & clinically proven treatment.​

Significantly improves blood circulation as well as breaks down adhesions while nourishing the tissue with fresh oxygenated blood.

Protects against over-training because of the soothing effect on the nerves.


1 session instantly minimizes relayed muscle soreness as well as resting time prior to the following exercise or physical activity.

1 session immediately eliminates toxins, lactic acid as well as metabolic waste products from workouts and physical activity.

It improves capability to execute workout following muscle exhaustion within just 20- 40 mins of therapy time.

Substantially reduces swelling and edema.


Ballancer Cycles

The copyrighted Pre-Therapy ® cycle provides a primary massage of the lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes in the proximal locations near the core of the body. This mild, relaxing massage therapy drains the lymph nodes that are usually full of liquid, and leads the way for improved blood circulation of lymph. As the series advances, it starts the compression relocating from the extremities up right into the thoracic area. This innovation is one of a kind in user-friendliness, convenience as well as efficiency. There are countless setup combos for a flexible and also personalized experience. One of the most vital and exclusive programs consist of:

  • Wave cycle: a long, deep as well as slow-moving consecutive massage therapy, particularly ideal for fast healing after workout or when experiencing "hefty legs" or discomfort.

  • Ballancer ® cycle: short, shallow as well as quick peristaltic massage therapy.

  • Pretherapy ® cycle: stimulation of the lymph nodes in the groin or underarm (proximal locations).

  • These 3 cycles can be intgrated in:

  • Pretherapy ® +Ballancer ® cycle.

  • Ballancer ® cycle.

  • Pretherapy ® + Wave cycle.

  • Wave cycle.