Tony Robbins Favorite Tech: Cryotherapy
Tony Robbins, at 0:55 min, explains why Cryotherapy is his favorite technology and how he benefits from it. Try Whole Body Cryotherapy for yourself, schedule an appointment at
Denver's big freeze: Broncos use Cryotherapy
Rick Reilly explains the Denver Broncos' use of Cryotherapy and how it is helping the players.
Next-Gen Recovery Tech (Cryotherapy) | Thrive
Cryotherapy has grown rapidly over the past few years due in large part to the widespread adoption of it by famous athletes such as Cristiano Ronaldo, who has a cryotherapy chamber in his home, actor Daniel Craig and the Irish Rugby Squad. Even the New York Knicks have a couple of the chambers of their own.
LIVE with Kelly and Michael Cryotherapy
Whole Body Cryotherapy. In Tampa now. Get back to your "A" game faster. Exceptional effects of healing have been observed in the sports therapy arena. Whole Body Cryotherapy has become an optional method in healing sports traumas, and is also applied as a method of biological regeneration and recovery.